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What is Netclone?
Netclone stands for Network-Cloning. Netclone features is available only for Juzt-Reboot® JR-PCI-NT, JR-PCI-VT, JR-SW-PRO, JR-SW-VT. It is to transmit data and/or partitions from one PC to another over the Local Area Network. Up to 200 PC at one time can be cloned simultinuously.
What is "parameter data"? In the manual, it only states "Juzt-Reboot® information".
"Parameter data" is actually Juzt-Reboot® data such as password, partition information and configuration settings of the "sending" computer.
What is the network speed of Juzt-Reboot® Netclone function?
Juzt-Reboot® supports Network Cloning of 10, 100 and 1000 Mbps network speed. The 1000 Mbps Gigabyte speed requires a special driver.
Can I use Juzt-Reboot® in a computer that does not support Wake-On-LAN?
Yes. But you will not be able to use the WOL function of the card.
Is it necessary for every computer on the network to have exactly the same hardware specifications for Net-Clone or Hard Disk Copy to work?
No, but it is recommended that all the computers should be the same hardware specification. If Windows detects changes or differences in hardware (motherboard chipset, BIOS, VGA, etc) on the receiving computer, the hardware detection cycle will start again. It is known that cloning Windows XP to different motherboard chipset will result unbootable.
Can I use Net-Clone for computer that have different type of network card?

Yes. But make sure each PC selects it's own packet driver from the Netclone Packet Driver List in the Juzt-Reboot Netclone Setup. If the required packet driver is not found in the list, please obtain a copy of packet driver upgrade from us.

Can I still use Net-Clone if the required packet driver still not in the packet driver list after upgrades has done?
Yes. But you must get the DOS packet driver for the network card to do this. Usually the packet driver is located in the network card's driver disk. Refer User's Manual.
Does network speed affect Net-Clone's performance?
Yes, faster network speed will give better performance. We recommend at least 100Mbps. Please take note, that actual Net-Clone performance also depends on the network traffic flow, actual throughput and cabling length.
Does HDD speed also affect Net-Clone's performance?
No, if the network speed is 100Mbps network. The HDD data transfer rates nowadays can exceed the transfer rate of a 100Mbps network connection. However using "gigabite" networking will increase Net-Clone's performance.
The sending and receiving computers' hardware are identical. Why, after Net-Clone, Windows starts it hardware detection?
Some differences in the BIOS/CMOS settings and the BIOS version can still activate this hardware detection.
What are the hardware components in the computer that cannot be different for Net-Clone or Hard Disk Copy to work?
The "destination" HDD type and capacity should be the same although the "destination" HDD capacity can be higher.
Please explain about "HDD type and capacity"?
"HDD Type" here refers to the number of physical cylinders, heads and sectors. From these parameters, the HDD capacity can be determined.
Can I perform "Hard Disk Copy" to a HDD from a different manufacturer but with the same capacity?
Yes, provides the HDD with the same number of cylinders, heads and sectors.
Can I perform "Hard Disk Copy" to a HDD of higher capacity?
Yes, provides the HDD have the same number of heads and sectors.
Does HDD speed also affect "Hard Disk Copy" performance?
Yes, the faster HDD will take less time for "Hard Disk Copy" to complete. For example: 7200rpm HDDs will copy faster than normal 5400rpm HDDs.
I performed a Net-Clone from my sending computer to the receiving computer through the Local Area Network. After completing the process of sending the partitions and Juzt-Reboot® parameters, I noticed the recipient computer's hard drive was still empty. Nothing was copied into the recipient. What went wrong?
When performing Net-Clone, please make sure the cables and network terminals are functioning. Modern computers use either 5400 rpm or 7200 rpm hard drives. Disable UDMA in BIOS for both sending and receiving computers. In certain cases, the hard drive is too fast to perform a write process.
I performed a Net-Clone from sending to receiving computer through the Local Area Network. When sending Juzt-Reboot® parameters of 5MB data size, there was no problem. However, the Net-Clone process stops automatically when I want to send a partition to the recipient. The Local Area Network is working perfectly. How do I resolve the problem?
In order to perform Net-Clone over the Local Area Network, please check the hub and switch. The hub should have Network Management Function. Please enable IGMP (Multi-cast) and Broadcast.

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