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FAQ : General

How does Instant Recovery work?
Instant Recovery works by recording changes made to the HDD and applications, thus it only requires a small amount of HDD space to operate.
Is Juzt-Reboot® an easy product to install?
Yes. It is entirely "Plug and Play".
Can the Juzt-Reboot® hardware driver be upgraded?
Yes. Juzt-Reboot® hardware driver be upgraded.
Can Juzt-Reboot® co-exist with integrated or "software" modems?
Yes. There is no known conflicts.
Can Juzt-Reboot® support Linux, UNIX and Free BSD operating systems?
Yes, "Backup Recovery Mode" will support the non-windows operating system.
Where have Juzt-Reboot® been used?
Juzt-Reboot® have been used in places such as universities, colleges, school computer labs, libraries, R & D Centers, educational labs, training centers, Internet stations, Corporate sectors, Government sectors, private enterprises etc.
Why those places?
In these places, the computers are always being accessed by many different users all the time. Juzt-Reboot® will protect the computer's operating system against modifications, tampering, pranks and virus, spyware and Trojan attacks.
My computer came pre-installed with Windows operating system. Do I have to reinstall the entire computer if I use Juzt-Reboot®?
No, you do not need to. Juzt-Reboot® can retain your existing Windows operating system. Unless for installing multiple operating system, please back up important data and use [Advance Mode] to create multiple boot partitions.
In the market, there are other software only solutions that run inside the Windows. What makes Juzt-Reboot® special? Why does it require a PCI hardware card?
Software only solutions that run inside the Windows can easily be hacked and tampered. This does not provide real protection outside the operating system. The Juzt-Reboot® hardware card can protect against such intrusion or corruption by intercepting them outside the operating system.
Why software only solutions that run inside the Windows cannot offer protection "outside the operating system"?
"Software only solutions that run inside the Windows" are specifically written for an operating system. If the operating system is not running, then the "software only solution" cannot operate.

How about Juzt-Reboot® SW PRO and SW VT software version? What are the differences compare with other software only solutions that run inside the Windows?

Unlike other software only solutions that run inside the Windows, our breakthrough technology of Juzt-Reboot® SW PRO and SW VT software solution are similar to our hardware version because it also protect against any intrusion or corruption by intercepting them outside the operating system.
Can Juzt-Reboot® protect the BIOS/CMOS settings?
Yes. It will automatically restore the CMOS settings when any of the configurations are tempered, altered or corrupted.
Why should I protect the BIOS/CMOS settings?
If the BIOS/CMOS settings are wrongly configured, your computer may not start, hanged or behave abnormally. It may even crash your operating system or corrupt your HDD.
Can you assure me that Juzt-Reboot®'s password is secure?
Yes. Juzt-Reboot® also emphasizes on system security.
What is "Supervisor Mode"?
"Supervisor Mode" (or Open Mode) is usually for the computer administrator or manager. In this mode, whatever changes made (editing/deleting/moving/renaming files, installing/upgrading/removing software, etc.) will be permanent.
What is "User Mode"?
"User Mode" (or Protected Mode) is for computer users and public access. In this mode, whatever changes made (editing/deleting/moving/renaming files, installing/upgrading/removing software, etc.) are temporary and when rebooted, everything returns back to the original setup.
Can someone FORMAT/FDISK the HDD under "User Mode"?
No. It is impossible even in real DOS mode. Even if someone try, "Juzt-Reboot®" and everything will be restored back to normal. The FDISK and FORMAT command in DOS is emulated by Juzt-Reboot®, therefore bypassing the hard drive.
How can I reformat my HDD without removing Juzt-Reboot®?
You can reformat your HDD under "Supervisor Mode" only.
How can I retrieve my Supervisor password if I forget it?
If you forget your Supervisor password, you can only retrieve an encrypted form of the password, since Juzt-Reboot® stresses on security of the system. For Model JR-PCI-NT, JR-PCI-VT, JR-SW-PRO & JR-SW-VT: When you are prompted for the Supervisor password, press down the SHIFT key and type in 2329, and then press the F10 key (i.e. Shift + 2329 + F10) . For Model JRSW 7.6x, key in @910503. The screen will display a string of characters set. There will be 12 set of them (example: 10 0 49 81 65 90 50 119 115 120 51 69). Copy down the string exactly, and send it to your distributor/dealer or to us directly (at support@juzt-reboot.com.my ) for decrypting of the password. Please also send along proof of ownership of your purchase
I use my system for heavy tasks which is disk I/O intensive and I find that my Juzt-Reboot® frequently runs into low buffer situation. How to solve this problem?

The Juzt-Reboot® buffer keeps track of all disk I/O while Windows is running. To reduce the job loads or unnecessary tracking tasks, you can change your Windows application to save data files in another partition (or Drive D: or E:...). We also strongly encourage you to move the Windows Swap/Paging files (virtual memory) to another partition.

If you installed the Juzt-Reboot® with the default 500MB Buffer, you can also try uninstalling it and then reinstall it and specify a larger buffer or set to maximum.

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