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No Performance Hits

The installation of the product will not affect the system's stability or performance.

Minimal Space Required

Juzt-Reboot® Intelligent Backup Technology uses very little space on the hard disk for the data backup.

Password Protection

Powerful security features to prevent unauthorized users from entering your computer system.

Multiple Operating System Support

Supports up to 10 Operating Systems on ONE computer and ONE Hard Drive. Assign up to 4 logical drives for each OS.

Instant Recovery

No matter how the data is destroyed; either by virus infection, deletion, fdisk, modification, overwrites or improper Windows shutdown, just reboot, and your system will recover immediately. No other additional system/data recovery operations are required.

Support Hard Drive of Any Size

The "Juzt-Reboot® Recovery Card" can support hard disks of any size and capacity. This is a useful feature especially when you wish to upgrade your system.

Operating System Support

The "Juzt-Reboot® Recovery Card" supports all DOS/ Windows 3.x/ 95/ 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP/ 2003 operating systems in "Instant Recovery Mode". Using little of hard drive space, "Backup Recovery Mode" supports almost all known Operating Systems in the market, including Linux & Unix.

CMOS Automatic Recovery

Any unauthorized changes made to the CMOS, "Juzt-Reboot® Recovery Card" will automatically notify you and initiate the appropriate recovery process.

Hard Disk Duplication

The intelligent copying function of the "Juzt-Reboot® Recovery Card" allows you to do 1 to 7 synchronized Hard Disk duplications at a much faster speed.

Net Clone (Network User)

Enables you to image partitions, install software and to maintain an entire network of computers all at once. Generally, 100MB of data will take one minute to transfer and you can also send new data configurations to other cards on your LAN in seconds.

Windows Remote Console Control (Network User)

With our applications, you can now completely control installed Juzt-Reboot® cards on your LAN from a remote console within Windows.

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