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Juzt-Reboot Neo™ is the latest version in the Juzt-Reboot series. With innovative multi-restore-point snapshot kernel as technical structure, Neo™ combines real-time instant recovery function with GUI (Graphical User Interface) installation. All these are operational under Microsoft Windows system without any need to install floppy diskette or CD ROM.  As long as the installation is completed, the default protection mode would be auto-enabled and all changes made to the system’s hard drive configuration either from malicious or accidental errors, would be restored by simply rebooting the computer.  Neo™ protects your computer from attack by malware, Trojan viruses and even the most rampant “machine dog virus” thriving in year 2009.  Moreover, with the advantages of the embedded incremental net-clone and the net-control manager functions, Neo™ enhances and extends the flexibilities for the PC lab maintenance 3-in-one Serverless perfect solution.  Neo™ also provides the following additional functions not found in most other competitors' products.

  • Windows (GUI) Installation & Operation.

Unlike most other recovery solutions where the operation is only available in pre-OS mode interface, Neo™ provides all the functions operational in MS-Windows OS.  The 3 main integrated modules pack of “system restore”, “net-clone” and “multi-boot partition” in MS-Windows OS make the installation and operation procedure so user-friendly that even computer novices can turn into skilled PC lab administrators.

  • Instant Restoration by Independent Multi-Restore-Point Technology:

Neo™ applies the innovative DST (Data Snapshot Technology) that creates as many snapshots to 256 Backup Points as long as free space is available. Neo™ overcomes the common 'single restore point limitation’ found in most other recovery solutions.  Neo™ may create the Backup Points (Snapshots) without a restart of Windows.  It fulfills the true needs for different Windows logon users with flexibility on different time intervals and applications in between.

  • Deployment Install by Network; Clone 1 PC to multiple PCs on a network (added-data net-clone Mode)

Neo™ upgrades the net-clone function from the Neo™ series to support multi-restore-point clone over network.  That means you can net-clone the selected 1 or more Backup Points (Snapshots) to the Clients’ PC simultaneously to accomplish the deployment.  Moreover, Neo™ ROM hardware hooks up with the industry standard Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) technology of onboard 1GB NIC,  to perform the net-clone function in Windows OS that breaks the limitation of pre-DOS mode interface of outdated 10/100MB packet driver or NDIS loading in additional tool.

  • Multi-boot Partition in Windows

Neo™ may perform the Multi-boot Partition under Windows.  You can easily create the multi-boot partition with the Neo Partition Wizard in Windows.  Neo Partition Wizard would keep the original Windows OS, and also to create other 8 bootable OS partitions with free space available in the hard drive.


  • Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI) installation and setting.
  • Diskette-less installation.  Install via Windows.
  • Multi-restore-points with 256 creations and restores independently.
  • Supports hard drive capacity with 1TB (1,000GB).
  • Supports dual MS-OS partition installation.
  • Supports additional pre-OS mode to create Backup, Restore, and Net-clone functions.
  • Any Client PC can be assigned to be the Sending Master PC.
  • Supports System File change.
  • Auto Clearing NTFS/FAT32 files system.
  • Shared data partition protection.
  • Property Management.
  • Wake on LAN, Restart, Lockup, Shutdown commands.
  • Time Sync.  CMOS Sync.   Auto assigns Computer Name and IP.
  • Virus block out.
  • 100% protection from accidental disk formatting, file deletion, virus    attacks or even system crash.
  • Net-clone rate supports from 660~880MB/min under 10/100MB Switches    network to 1200MB~2200MB/min under 1GB Switches network     environment.
  • Supports 256 Clients net-clone simultaneously by TCP/IP protocol.
  • Windows Remote Console Management (Control Client PC over LAN).


Hardware Prerequisite:

  • 80586 and above compatible PC.
  • Onboard NIC PXE ROM enabled (Ethernet).
  • Hard drive size bigger than 8.4GB.
  • BIOS available to support hard drive size bigger than 8.4GB.

Software Prerequisite:
Operating System Requirements:
System either supporting:

  • Windows XP (32 bit)
  • Windows XP (64 bit)
  • Windows 2003 Server
  • Windows 2008 Server
  • Windows Vista (32 bit)
  • Windows Vista (64 bit)
  • Windows 7 (32 bit)
  • Windows 7 (64 bit)


  • Supports up to 8 bootable Operating System.  The embedded Neo Partition Wizard (partition.exe) may establish the Multi-OS scheme in JR-Neo install folder.
  • Supports Linux Installation under multi-boot scheme.
  • Juzt-Reboot Neo-Control tool applied with TCP/IP protocol and the user must set the IP accordingly to work with this feature.
  • Net-clone function applied with TCP/IP protocol and therefore, the Switches must be available to work with this feature.

System File supporting:
FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, Linux EXT2 / EXT3, Solaris UFS.

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