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PCIe x1 Card
Juzt-Reboot Software PRO

Available Models:

Juzt-Reboot Software PRO

Feature Specifications

   Note: For all technical support of older model of Juzt-Reboot that not listed above, please contact support@juzt-reboot.com.my

Problems that you may encounter!
Juzt-Reboot® is your ultimate solution!!


Ever since the introduction of Personal Computer, many users have struggled with their systems. Personal Computers' helps to increase the productivity of individual in many ways when it functions properly. However, it can also be a nightmare for anyone who has to deal with it's problems and malfunctions.

Problems and Malfunctions

The "Juzt-Reboot® System and Data Recovery Card" is the solution to this problem. With the "Juzt-Reboot® System and Data Recovery Card", there is no need for a computer expert to change your CMOS data, format your hard drive or tamper with your PC to recover lost data. All you have to do is JUST REBOOT and the system returns to it's normal original working configuration. There is no need for any other data recovery operations.


Who needs it?

1)  Corporate / Government

Have you ever experienced data corruption or missing files caused during the installation of software? Many PC users do; especially when they install a new application. Many corporations have tried unsuccessfully prevent their employees from modifying the configurations of their computers. However with "Juzt-Reboot® Recovery Card", they can prevent the corruption of file settings from the installation of these applications.

2)  Library

With the increasing popularity the used of the Internet, libraries are making PCs available to the public to do their research. Due to the large volume and uncontrolled site browsing, these machines are often corrupted or infected by viruses. The down time created by this problem is very costly and time consuming.

3)  Schools / Colleges / Universities

As a teacher or a lab assistant, it can be a nightmare when dealing with a large number of students with different IT skill levels. Problems such as damaged or deleted files, virus infections, wrongly configured settings and hard disk formats will interrupt and delay lessons. Malicious attacks to the PCs create costly down-time and havoc to any organization. With the "Juzt-Reboot® Recovery Card", you minimize the damage such attacks can create.


IT Managers are always looking for ways to reduce downtime, maintenance and support cost of their computer inventory. "Juzt-Reboot® Recovery Card" will help IT Managers to minimize resources needed for PC support, so that they can have more time to attend to others urgent matters.

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